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Jewish and Christian Perspectives
Studien zu Kirche und Israel. Neue Folge (SKI.NF), Band 13

Beate Ego | Ute Gause | Ron Margolin | Dalit Rom-Shiloni (Eds.)

The question of theodicy is one of the central topics of monotheistic religions. Whereas polytheistic systems of religion can interpret plausibly negative experi­ences, such as suffering, disease and violence, as being caused by different gods, monotheistic systems are ­facing the challenge of explaining these contradictory experiences of reality with the acting of the »one« God.
The contributions to the present volume by Jewish and Christian scholars from Israel and Germany show how Judaism and Christianity over the centuries have dealt with this problem. In this context, it becomes clear that in both religions human protest plays a ­special role.

With articles by Yairah Amit, Beate Ego, Ute Gause, Katharina Greschat, Judith Hahn, Yair Hoffman, Traugott Jähnichen, Isolde Karle, Ron Margolin, Barbara Meyer, Noam Mizrahi, Frank Polak, Dalit Rom-Shiloni, Günter Thomas, Christian Weidemann, Gunda Werner and Peter Wick.

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